The 2020 Woman

March 08, 2020 3 min read


With International Women's Day (8th March) just around the corner, it is just fair that we discuss what it means to be a woman in 2020.

At HashtagMe, we believe that being a woman means having self-respect, having a sense of right and wrong and the confidence to stand up for what you believe in.

Women in 2020 don’t just have fierce choices in fashion but are also breaking ceilings with their career choices.

Today’s women are not only the embodiment of elegance and grace but also confident and resilient entities.

So, How is it being a woman in 2020 and how can it be better for women today and the times to come?

It’s tough out there in the patriarchy and even though the ‘Women Of The World’ have established their caliber in all fields same as men, we are still struggling for the basics such as equal pay, safety and freedom to do what we want 

to without the pressures of society.



We have compiled for you a list of five things that in our opinion are essential to ensure growth, better communication and resolving conflicts.

1. Control Uday, Control - 


Are there times when you feel discriminated against?

Not heard? Not valued? Not treated fairly?

You may not be able to control how others act but you can choose on your own attitude and actions.

Exercise your ability to voice your opinions and stand firm in your convictions because let's face it if you don’t have your ethics and integrity at the end of the day, you don’t have much of anything

2. Authentically Me

Whoever said “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” wasn’t full of crap apparently. 

One should always strive to improve but not waste their time trying to be someone else. Take you time understanding your own core values and morals- what makes you tick, what you can’t compromise on, your shortcomings- and honour your moral code.

3. Squad Over Stuff


Most men even today have wives, who manage the responsibilities in the home life while the same is not true for most women.

We? We have our girlfriends! Just as Samantha Jones said -        


Your girlies are like your support system and if there is one thing you can count on is the relationships you’ve invested in.

4. Find Your Voice

Most women still have a hard time voicing their opinions no matter how good. So, what can you do to put down your foot?

The solution is to find ways that add value, build relationships and create opportunities to speak outside the meeting room. 

Take initiative, show interest and don’t wait around for someone to ask you.

5. Trust Your Gut and Believe You’re Crown 

Knowing your own worth; seems like an easy thing to do when advising a friend to get away from that f*ckboi but not so much when you have to instill that spirit in you. As women, we have the potential to make a real difference in the world.

Remember, it begins and ends with you!

Choose yourself over toxic relationships, a not so good job, snakes and you’ll see yourself elevate above all B.S. 

P.S. - In the words of Powervati, our very own ‘Sanskari Badass’ - “Don’t take criticism from someone you won’t take advice from.”

tanisha khanna
tanisha khanna

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