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“I tend to be most interested in the kinds of people who do not sweeten or dilute themselves for the sake of people’s taste.”

- Beau Taplin

Self Love. What does it really mean to love thyself ?

With Self Care having its moment at the time, the concept of Self Love has taken a back seat. Most of us struggling to adult consider it as acts of taking care of oneself physically and mentally. 

But let's face the music; Do you really think blasting some Riri tracks with a face mask on and a glass of that Merlot, will help you overcome all the emotions swept under the rug?

Ya, didn’t think so!

Loving Thyself has more to do with understanding yourself and dealing with your emotions.

It means acceptance of flaws and a mindset that allows you to make mistakes but also grow in the process.

But most of all it means believing that you’re made for better things. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day.

Just like a good skin care routine to achieve that flawless skin, a self love routine follows a series of essential steps for a flawless self.

The Fundas are the same- Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize and Protect.


You know how they say, ‘wipe the slate clean’ ?

That is just what you have to do!

Just like you cleanse your face to get rid of last night’s makeup, cleanse yourself of things out of your control, made up scenarios and those pesky polluted thoughts that cling on like those bomb faux eyelashes.


Next, Let’s hit those spots that take away from you achieving that goddess glow.

Just like that acne that pops up before you have an event to attend your mind is often plagued by past traumas that weren’t dealt with. The key is to stay hydrated and follow a spot treatment.

Analyse what went wrong, what could have been avoided on your part, what feeds on your soul and what feeds it. All the while hydrating yourself with some slack, an aim to work on being your best self and some positive reassurance.


 Finding a good moisturizer is to skin care what a good hobby is to Self Love. 

The right hobby will not only nourish your soul but also replenish it making sure you are at your best most of the time because let’s be realistic, you can’t always avoid those sneaky pimples just like you can’t avoid those bad days.


Like your high SPF sunscreen, you need to protect your vibe from what doesn't serve it anymore. That means understanding what in your life isn’t working for you anymore. It can be a friendship, a relationship, a job or even your family members at times. Once you’ve established what doesn’t go, it’s easier to move away from it and protect thyself. 

Follow these steps to achieve that goddess glow inside out!


tanisha khanna
tanisha khanna

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