March 30, 2020 2 min read

With the world standing still and together during the COVID-19 pandemic; heroes emerge in their PJ’s with their borrowed Netflix accounts,packaged food and work from homes. There is only one way we can survive - Staying Inside.

With ‘Quarantine and Chill’ being the mood now a days, here are some things we all have been doing-

Work From Home 

Thought it would be a 2 week vacay from work but you’ve ended up working because let’s face it you don’t know what to do with your day anymore.

In between online conference calls and answering mails, the only thing you’ve missed out on is that Friends episode playing in the background. 

Not to mention how you’ve already gone through half of your apocalypse stock. 

Hide and Seek toh khatam hogye ab bus Marie Gold bacha hai :(

The Concept Of Pants -


It's been 6 days since you wore any and it has been liberating. It’s like the celebration of comfort, a new take on casual Fridays and you’ve got no one to impress but you.

Best part - You don’t even have to change before going off to sleep.

But as days go by, the comfy slumber party can make you feel purposeless and lose focus.

Our suggestion - Dress Up! Not to go anywhere but there is just something about taking a bath, putting on a crisp shirt or maybe a dress. Maybe even throw in an impromptu photo shoot.

We don’t judge here ;) 

Washing Your Hands-  

Looks like all of us have turned into germophobes overnight. You find yourself washing your hands 20 times a day, carrying sanitizer everywhere you go (we hope you’re staying in though) making your hands almost as dry as your social life right now. 

Dry Hand Hack - Coat your hands in Vaseline, then put on some gloves overnight to wake up with hands as soft as a baby’s butt ;)

Parents and Pets Edition - 

Your little furry friends have never been happier. Their hoomans are finally at home to play fetch and clean their poo. 

You’ve been spending more quality time with your parents, helping out around the house, stopping them from going to those satsangs and walks in the park and finally realizing ki ache log hai yar woh bhi! 

Don’t forget to hold onto this after this passes and this too shall pass  :)

Boredom -

 Suna hai khali dimag shaitaan ka ghar hota hai so it’s better to not act on those isolation ideas you’re having right about now.

No, it's not a good idea to like his picture and definitely not a good idea to drop him a message.

Rather if you’re struggling with boredom do something constructive about it.

Read a book, take online courses, have a random dance party, paint or simply call a friend.

Wait and Listen
Hygiene is not a brand new invention.
Grab hold of that soap tightly
Scrub like a madman daily and nightly
Will Corona ever stop? We don't know
Just keep washing your hands everywhere you go.
Peace Out!
tanisha khanna
tanisha khanna

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