April 06, 2020 3 min read

In Today’s DNA, FOMO or the fear of missing out is as real as social anxiety. It can be as specific as ‘Why didn’t I get an invite ?’ or as general as ‘Why doesn’t my life look like theirs ?’

The sense of lack of satisfaction has been causing some real damage to today’s millennial relationships and we are here to discuss-  HOW? 

1) FOFO 

 The Fear of Facing ourselves is one of the major reasons as to why and how our relationships are suffering. It may come as surprising how often we head for the exit rather than confronting our true emotions and exploring the roots of why we feel what we feel. 

As painful as it might be, the most loving thing you can do for yourself and your partner is confronting the unappealing reality thus giving yourself the power to change.



Most millennial couples resort to pointing fingers rather than resolving the issues on hand as a team. We suggest - QUIT THE GAME !! And focus on analyzing your role in the recurring problems to WIN at being better together. 




You respond with excuses and explanations rather than understanding your significant other’s point of view and addressing their concerns. Most of us are guilty of  defending without even realizing that we are doing so.

So instead try this - Listen to what your partner has to say without keeping in mind the ‘WHY ?’ of it all. 




Yes, we are talking about ‘Envy - The Green Monster in your head’.  If you’re in a LDR or Long Distance Relationship then you’re bound to feel it at one point or another. It might be about something as small as not being able to hangout with your S.O like your other friends do or having to stay at home while your partner is out on the town for the night.  The best thing to do is to, as cliche as it may sound, count your blessings and restrain from comparing.





We all do it ! Crack a joke to get out of difficult situations or leaving the room to avoid those uncomfortable conversations without realizing the damage it might do to our relationship. Not only does it make your partner feel ignored,  it might also portray you as indifferent towards their concerns.

 ABORT MISSION !! REPEAT ABORT MISSION !! Instead try to bring down the walls and be open to feeling vulnerable and having a heart to heart.



 Acting like you’re 100%  right and they’re 100% wrong might help you win a few arguments but might make you lose your significant other. Finding a middle ground or a grey space to analyse the positives and negatives of each other’s point of view is what a successful relationship is all about.



Making threats and giving ultimatums in a relationship is by far the worst thing you can do in your relationship. It might help you maintain that upper hand for a while but it’s more manipulation than an equal partnership. We suggest - Voice your concerns and set down boundaries as per both people’s interests and opinions.

tanisha khanna
tanisha khanna

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