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Do horror movies hold a special place in your heart?

Does transporting to an alternate universe seem like an ideal weekend plan? These 9 shows will have you on the edge of your seats and give you fantasy feels.



Set in the 80’s, the show takes conspiracy theories to the next level whilst maintaining childlike sensibilities. A group of 5 friends, secret government experiments and a dark parallel universe, what could go wrong? Except everything!

Reasons To Watch - Eleven’s Powers

                                  Mileven’s Pure Relationship

                                  Families on different socio-economic levels




Remember when we thought the apocalypse would involve a whole lot of zombies? The show revolves around the zombie apocalypse we never got. 

A group of survivors lead by a police officer in a search for a safe haven. Their only problem- Blood thirsty, flesh eating zombies *nom nom* 

Reasons To Watch - Survival Guide for June



Everyone has wondered what it’d be like to be stranded on an island with no way out. You’d have to hunt your own food, live a life without duck face selfies and memes, deal with an unpredictable group of prior occupants and strange other worldly island inhabitants.

Reasons To Watch - Flashbacks, Flash-forwards and Flash sideways

                                     Hella Mysterious



What if all our childhood fairy tales came true? Magic spells, poison apples and true love’s kiss are a day to day routine when you are Snow White’s daughter. The story revolves around two parallel worlds united by a curse. Want to know more? Watch the show to relive your Disney princess days.

Reasons To Watch - A badass spin on Disney Princesses 

                                    Nostalgia AF 


staring in love GIF by Lifetime

What would you do for love? This dark psychological thriller answers just that. Joe, a bookstore manager by day and stalker by night, would do anything for love or is it just a toxic, delusional obsession.

There is one thing we know for sure though, it will have you on the edge of your seats.

Reasons To Watch - Will help you determine those red flags you ignore

                                  Up your stalking game 


dean winchester death GIF

Two brothers set out to eliminate monsters, ghosts and demons (both emotional and real ones) that exist on Earth. The show is like ghost busters granted the busters are two hotties and one hot angel.

Reasons To Watch - Each episode has a different story whilst 

                                 maintaining a main story line

                                 Dean’s Abs

                                 Sam’s Abs

                                 Castiel’s Abs



the vampire diaries eye roll GIF

Who doesn’t want to live in a town full of vampires, werewolves, witches and hunters? The show revolves around the love triangle between a human girl, a goody two shoes vampire and his badass brother. With multiple story lines and hot af cast, the show got more fans than Twilight.

Reasons To Watch - Damon’s Baby Blue Eyes and Sexy Smolder



                                  Makes you want to be a vampire just coz

THE 100

the 100 GIF

Nuclear holocaust has made the Earth inhabitable. Only a few survive in space. After almost a century, 100 juvenile delinquents are exiled to see if Earth is habitable again. What is left of Earth? Will they be able to survive? And Are they alone? Watch this dystopian drama to know all that is possible.

Reasons To Watch - Character Evolution

                                 Strong Female Leads

                                 They kill off every character you love


black mirror anxiety GIF by NETFLIX

This dystopian sci-fi series revolves around people and how technology manipulates their behavior.

It brings out the unanticipated consequences of too much dependence on technology in the modern society.

Reasons To Watch - Every episode is completely different

                                 The possibilities are scary AF

                                 Will probably result in you putting down your phone

tanisha khanna
tanisha khanna

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