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Confused about what to watch next?

Want to watch something with equal parts sass and equal parts comedy?

We have curated a list of easy to follow shows while you scroll through Instagram all day *wink wink*



The story revolves around a group of privileged teenagers from the Upper East Side of NYC and their lives amidst scandals, parties, booze and a ruthless blogger who is always watching.

The show is an oldie but goodie with 8 seasons making it the IT show for binge watching.

Reasons To Watch - Chuck Bass’s Voice

                                     Nate Archibald’s Smile

                                     Serena Van Der Woodsen’s Wardrobe

                                     Blair Waldorf’s Schemes



Could use a laugh in these trying times? Welcome to the world of Midge Maisel! This show is the exact representation of what women can achieve once they drop them dirtbag exes.

Set in the 1950’s, the show revolves around her stand up comedy shows and her life which is just as funny.

Reasons To Watch - Amazing stand up comedy shows 

                                    Mrs. Maisel’s vintage dresses 

                                    Always fun watching the matriarchy taking over


Ever wondered what it would be like if you could remember everything you ever read? You’d ace every test, win every argument (let’s pretend you already don’t)  and be a fantastic lawyer.

The show revolves around a law firm in NYC with the hottest lawyer associate duo closing cases and maintaining a secret.

Wanna know? Watch the show!

Reasons To Watch - Harvey Spector’s Class


                                    A Royal making out on screen

                                    Mike Ross’s Memory 



Otis and Maeve are all ready to give you the birds and bees talk.

Imagine getting all your guidance in the lovemaking department

from your mom.

No, it’s not like that! Get your mind out of the gutter!

The story revolves around a socially awkward teenager who knows

a lot more than most of your exes did, perhaps because his mom is a

sex therapist.

See how his reluctant knowledge on the topic helps him run an

underground sex therapy clinic at school.

Reasons To Watch - Might learn something new *wink wink*




This workplace mockumentary will have you hate going to your

regular office (more than you already do).

Filled with pranks, gossip, witty humor, romance and general

foolishness, this show is the one to watch if you’re in the market 

for a hearty laugh.

Reasons To Watch - Great Meme Content

                                  New Slangs



Remake of the 1950’s soap opera, the plot is based on two of the 

wealthiest families in America and the skeletons in their walk-in

closets. The Carringtons and The Colby’s will not stop at anything 

when it comes to money. 

The show features the glam and glitz of extreme wealth but also

exposes the dark backroom deals it thrives on.

Reasons To Watch - Fallon Carrington’s Ambition 

                                 More Drama than a Ekta Kapoor serial



Brooklyn’s most happening precinct makes up for an amazing light

-hearted comedy sesh. The Nine-Nine is all about teamwork, solving

cases and more diverse personalities than a person with a split

personality disorder. 


Reasons To Watch - Jake Peralta’s Humor

                                 Amy Santiago’s OCD

                                 Gina Linetti’s Sarcasm




11 seasons, 3 families, 12 members and 1 cute little dog.

A journey of a big joint family through ups and downs of life and 

mostly just hilarious situations. 

The show has it all- A gay couple with a Vietnamese kid, A grandpa

with a hot latino wife and a not so hot latino kid,  An amateur 

magician father with an overachieving wife and 3 children at different

stages of puberty.

What can go wrong? Only everything!


        Reasons To Watch - Everything!



A dark and twisted version of the famous Archie comics.

The story is a narrative by Jughead about the lives of 4 best friends in

a small town where nothing good ever happens.

Filled with mafia, sinister games, serial killers and more musicals 

than High School Musical, it is one of the most mysterious teen

dramas to watch out for.


Reasons To Watch - Archie’s Abs

                                 Cheryl- The Cherry Bomb

                                 Amazing Musicals

tanisha khanna
tanisha khanna

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