April 13, 2020 2 min read

Missing those date nights with bae? 

Tired of only texting and video calling? 

Want to spice up things in quarantine? 

We got your back!

With the world standing at a still, get swept up in a whirlwind romance with boo and enjoy date nights like never before with these 5 ‘Quarantine Date Ideas’- 

1.Take A Walk Through Nostalgia Lane

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a bunch of embarrassing bath time photos from your childhood. So open up those old photo albums and spend the day sharing stories of the time when you broke your hand, when your sister made you try on lipstick, when you were the guinea pig for all your brother’s WWE moves. We bet you’ll feel closer to your S.O. after!

2.Take A Compatibility Quiz (With A Twist)


 We recommend The New York Times  ‘36 questions that lead to love’.Here are the steps to this fun date night- 

Step 1 - Get the wine open and pour yourselves a glass each or maybe shots if you’re feeling wild *wink*

Step 2 - Fill out the answers on behalf of your partner. Even if you don’t know the correct ones, make sure to fill what you’d feel they’d choose.

Step 3 - Exchange the sheets.

Step 4 - Go through the answers together.

Each wrong answer equals one sip or one shot.

Step 5 - Get to know your partner better and get sh*t drunk doing it!


3.Make Each Other A Playlist And Have A Dance Party


Open up your Spotify and make each other a modern day equivalent of a mix tape. Include songs that make you think of them, the song that was playing when you kissed and some upbeat ones to go crazy to too!

Now lock your room, video call bae and dance the night away!

*Alcohol and clothes optional.

P.S.- Baithe baithe bore huay but nahi karna hai dance? Shuru karo Antakshari, leke prabhu ka naam!

4.Watch A Movie In Sync 

Had ‘Friday Night movie plans but stuck with the

‘Stay At Home’ syndrome instead? 

Get cozy in your bed and blast the AC on full, it’s gonna be a comfy ride.

On your bed! Get Snacks! Go! 

Start with a video call, download one of the apps mentioned below and watch a movie in sync whilst enjoying the company of your significant other even though virtually *sigh*

Sync Apps - Synaptop, Rabbit and Togethertude 


5.Play Ludo King

With you and bae practicing some much needed dooriyan, playing board games together might just be the perfect solution to your boredom problem.

What makes it perfect?

You can play it with bae, your squad or your family without any of the board throwing, dice stealing tantrums.

Hope this helps you guys stay connected with your loved ones in these tough times!





tanisha khanna
tanisha khanna

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