April 25, 2019 2 min read

Everyone has at least one in their closet, and you are likely to stock up on them when they are on sale, just because you know it'll always be the Fail-Safe when you need it. Yes, we are talking about T-shirts.
In this blog, we tell you how to funk up ‘ The Ol’ Jeans and T-shirt ’ look to completely transform your look in seconds.

1) The “Tuck it and forget it”

Add a ‘lil oomph factor to your look by tucking in your favourite graphic tee. Our two favourite ways to do so are -

  • The Full Tuck - Tuck in your tee in a pair of high-waisted flare jeans, add a bulky belt and get in on that 90’s vibe.
  • The French Tuck - No one knows fashion like the French! Nudge in just a little bit of the front of your t-shirt in those mid-rise jeans to get the ultimate casual on the go look.

2) The “Blinging It” Look

Bling It Up! By adding a statement necklace to your look. Here are the types of necklaces we recommend for various necklines -

  • For crew neck tees, we recommend collar or bib neck pieces.
  • For v- neck t-shirts, opt for v- shape pendants or slim pendants to bring attention to the neckline and collar bone.
  • For scoop necks, go for shorter necklaces with more volume.

3) The “Knot It”

Knot It Down! At the front, the side or the back for 3 amazing looks. (P.S - T-shirt too short ? We recommend using a transparent elastic band to secure the knot )

4) The “Rugging It”

Not one for necklaces and knots? Try something more casual and cool by pairing your tee with a pair of rugged jeans, those cool Ray-Bans and some sass to go! ( Tip- Roll up your sleeve a little to make the look even cooler! )

5) The “All Structured” Look

Looking for a new fun office look ?
Full tuck your tee in some high waisted trousers, pair it up with a blazer to add some structure and Go Get It, Girl Boss!

Hope this blog help you lovelies get in them Summer Vibes! Stay Tuned for more!

tanisha khanna
tanisha khanna

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